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Comprehensive Building Diagnostics and Investigative Services

  • EGA offers a full range of building related services, for both residential and commercial properties, including:

Exterior Component Evaluation

  • Continuous facade maintenance programs
  • Continuous exterior envelope maintenance programs
  • Forensic investigations of failing or defective exterior building components, such as masonry failure, roof and terrace problems and leakages

Areas of Specialization in Restoration Analysis and Specifications

  • Building envelope repairs and restoration
  • Roof condition analysis and replacement
  • Terrace and balconies restoration including quarry tile
  • Window replacements
  • Leakage investigations and consultations
  • Garage structure restoration
  • AICPA reports for inclusion in, or as the basis of:
    • Annual reports/ statement by the building’s accountants
    • Overall building conditions
    • Report and projections of future costs

EGA is an expert in assessing the present condition or assessing the future of your property and provides you with a comprehensive, detailed and accurate report of the buildings condition.  EGA’s forensic investigations have saved building owners countless expenses from needless and costly repairs. And more importantly, our investigations have identified potential structural and system failures way in advance of their occurrence.

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