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Forensic Building Investigations

Failure Studies

Why has your roof failed?  What is the possibility of a structural accident?  Why do people fall?  Why do building orientations and locations affect one building one way and others in different ways?  These are some of the many questions EGA has answered for clients

The analysis of structural failures must be based upon many disciplines and requires the combination of professional knowledge, hands-on practical design and construction experience.

EGA is well recognized for its diagnostic studies and proposed solutions to cure specific problems.  The firm has been responsible for changes in recent case law related to building construction cases.  In the area of personal injuries, EGA has demonstrated and proven its theory of “Construction Pattern Expectations”.  This means that a pedestrian or site user will expect a certain pattern of construction and when a construction pattern deviates from the norm, for example in the cases of sudden structural changes in a sidewalk of stair case, an accident may be likely to occur.  EGA’s expertise in these forensic studies has gained them wide recognition.

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